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Uruguayan Grills

Uruguayan Grills are a unique type of grill designed to provide an even cooking surface and a smoky flavor. The grills feature a side hearth where oak or other hardwood is burned down to embers, which are then pushed beneath the grilling surface. This ensures an even heat distribution and adds a delicious smoky flavor to the food.The grill grate can be adjusted to lay flat or the grill grate can be adjusted at an angle to allow for different temperatures along the grilling surface.  Uruguayan Grills are the perfect choice for the outdoor chef looking to create a truly unique and delicious grilling experience. These grills are designed to provide an even cooking surface with an adjustable grate and a side hearth. Our Uruguayan Grills and Custom Uruguayan Grills are available in a variety of sizes and colors, including a stainless steel option, and are shipped without bricks for easy assembly. Our grills are made in the USA and are designed by a BS/MS Mechanical Engineer for optimal performance. Whether you're grilling up a steak, a burger, or something else, you can trust our Uruguayan Grills to deliver delicious results every time.

Uruguayan Grills, Gaucho Grills & Latin Grill Kits 

Uruguayan Grills for wood or charcoal grilling.   



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