Masonry BBQ Grill Kits

Heritage Backyard offers many different styles of Masonry BBQ Grill Kits. Santa Maria Grill Kits, Argentine Grill Kits, Uruguayan Grill Kits, Charcoal Grill Kits, & Wood Burning Grill Kits. Made of Black Steel with Stainless Steel Grilling Surface or as All Stainless Steel Masonry Grill Kits.

Our BBQ Grill Kits do not come with a Masonry Firebox. They are inserted into your outdoor kitchen masonry firebox by either being bolted to the bottom of your firebox or they have a flange that rests on top of your counter. Our Argentine Grill Kits & Santa Maria Grill Kits both have a wheel that lowers and raises the grilling surface. Wheels generally are located on the side but you can upgrade to a front facing wheel at an additional cost. The Uruguayan Grill kit doesn't have a wheel to raise and lower the grill but allows you to adjust the grill angle. This allows one section of the grilling surface to be higher than the other. Don't forget to check out our Round Grill Pit Grill Kits called Sir Lancelot & Sir Gawain. They seem to be very popular. 

Our BBQ Grills are custom made in the USA and would be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.