BBQ Smokers

Wood Fired BBQ Smokers

Heritage Backyard has a selection of Wood Fired Smokers to choose from. Smoked BBQ is a wonderful way to enjoy outdoor BBQ. Enhance the flavors of real Wood Fire BBQ by switching from gas powered grilling to wood fired cooking. Woods such as Red Oak, Mesquite, Hickory, Apple, and Post Oak will create Unique notes of flavors to smoked meats. Included with our classic Meat Smokers is a BBQ thermometer which helps monitor a consistent heat level for high quality smoked meats.

BBQ Smoker for wood or charcoal grilling and smoking.

A BBQ Meat Smoker is a wonderful way to get the smoke flavoring into you meat. It's perfect for your outdoor kitchen.  Empress your family and friends by throwing a party where you can serve smoked bbq ribs, smoked brisket, smoked turkey or my favorite smoked chicken.  Made in the USA

  Authentic Country Themed Texas BBQ Pit Smoker made from rustic black steel with  an earthen floor.


BBQ Smokers