Argentine & Santa Maria Grill fitted in an outdoor kitchen

Argentine & Santa Maria Grill fitted in an outdoor kitchen

30th Jan 2017

Argentine & Santa Maria Grill Fitted in an Outdoor Kitchen

Another great example of an outdoor kitchen with a lovely Argentine Grill fitted inside a masonry firebox. The Argentine Grill is famous for having both an open face firebox and it's iconic V shaped Grill Grates. The V Shaped grates are especially useful because they collect a large amount of the grease that flows into a grease trap rather then falling into the fire. The benefit of collecting grease is that it significantly reduces the amount of flare ups which in turn enhances the taste of your typical wood fired grill.

Many Famous Chefs and Food Enthusiast alike have discovered the flavor and usefulness of wood fired cooking. Bring your backyard Barbecue to life with our black steel or stainless steel Argentine & Santa Maria BBQ grill kits. These grills are extremely entertaining to cook on and offer lots of room for cooking all sorts of things.

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