Wood Burning Grills

Types of Wood Fired | Wood Burning | Charcoal Grills:

Question: Where are the grills made? Our Grills are Made in the USA and designed by a Mechanical Engineer. Once you place your order we send it to our shop to be built. 

Question: Can I use Charcoal in a Wood Burning BBQ Grill? Yes You can use both wood and charcoal at the same time or separately. 

Question: What type of Wood should I use to BBQ? For wood-cooking it is best to avoid soft woods like: pine, spruce, cedar, etc. They can be resinous and ruin the taste quality of your grilling. It is best to use dry, well-seasoned wood for grilling.

Top 4 woods for Grilling:

1.) Oak: Oak is the most common and widely used wood for grilling. It has a mild flavor and provides a clean burn. Oak can be used on all types of meat.

2.) Hickory: Hickory has a bold flavor when it is smoked and can be burned with milder hardwoods to make the taste more even. It is considered the best for smoking wood and has a long lasting heat output. Hickory can be used on all types of meats. I would recommend using it for pork, ribs, and game.

3.) Pecan: Pecan is full of taste like Hickory, but has a less overwhelming flavor. Its flavor is more mellow with a bit of a nutty undertone. I would use Pecan for poultry, pork ribs, and pork butt. However, it works well for all types of meats.

4.) Cherry: Cherry wood produces a mild and sweet flavor to your cooking. Cherry mixes well with other woods. It is less dense, so it may burn faster than other hardwoods. I recommend using Cherry for chicken, fish, turkey, and ham.