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Santa Maria Grills

Heritage Backyard sells Santa Maria Architectural Grills for a Masonry Firebox, Santa Maria Counter Built-In Grills for your Custom Outdoor Masonry Kitchen, and Portable Santa Maria Grills that comes with a Cart and four casters. Yes we also do custom orders. There's no better barbecue than Santa Maria BBQ.

The Santa Maria Grill is a classic BBQ grill design where the firebox is completely enclosed. Grilling with a Santa Maria Grill is a great way to BBQ because it provides precision cooking along with generating a rustic appeal. This method of cooking dates back to the 1800's in California where big Santa Maria grills were used for large cookouts. Santa Maria BBQ Grills are a great way to BBQ due to the ability to raise and lower the grilling surface enabling a more controlled seer. Our Santa Maria BBQ Grills with a Cart, Santa Maria Counter Drop In Grills, & Santa Maria BBQ Grill Kits, are available in Black Steel, & Stainless Steel. Make your backyard the most BBQ savvy with our Santa Maria BBQ grills, that will be sure to draw a crowd. Our Santa Maria Grills are made to order in the USA. 

How did the Santa Maria way of barbecuing start? Mid-19th century the local ranchers in Santa Maria, California hosted huge Spanish-styled feasts for vaqueros (cowboys). This created a whole tradition of Santa Maria Barbecuing over wood fires (typically red oak).  Soon the Santa Maria community started hosting monthly barbecue gatherings. 

The tri-tip which is a favorite piece of beef for barbecuing on the Santa Maria Grill, originated in Santa Maria, California. What is tri tip? The tri-tip is a triangular cut of beef from the bottom sirloin. The tri-tip was popularized through Santa Maria Barbecue culture.

Having a Santa Maria Grill helps in recreating the traditional Santa Maria-style barbecues.

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