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Santa Maria BBQ Grills & BBQ Grill Kits

Santa Maria Grills for Wood and Charcoal Burning | Santa Maria Grill Kits in Black Steel and Stainless Steel | Custom Santa Maria Grills.

The Santa Maria Grill is a classic BBQ grill design where the firebox is completely enclosed. Grilling with a Santa Maria Grill is a great way to BBQ because it provides precision cooking along with generating a rustic appeal. This method of cooking dates back to the 1800's in California where big Santa Maria grills were used for large cookouts. Santa Maria BBQ Grills are a great way to BBQ due to the ability to raise and lower the grilling surface enabling a more controlled seer. Our Santa Maria BBQ Grills, Santa Maria BBQ Grill Kits, and our Custom Santa Maria Grills and Kits are available in Black Steel, Stainless and various sizes. The Santa Maria Grill kit is designed to get bolted into or rest on a masonry firebox with a four sided flange. Make your backyard the most BBQ savvy with our Santa Maria BBQ grills, that will be sure to draw a crowd. Our Santa Maria Grills are made in the USA and are designed by a BS/MS Mechanical Engineer. Santa Maria Grills for wood or charcoal grilling.


Black Steel Santa Maria Grill with Wheel for outdoor kitchens


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