Infiernillo Outdoor Grill Oven Broiler

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Infiernillo Outdoor Grill Oven Broiler
250.00 LBS
$330.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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Infiernillo Outdoor Grill Oven Broiler

The Infiernillo Outdoor Grill, Oven, and Broiler is extremely versatile. Simple to assemble. Add fuel to the upper and lower fuel trays, pull the food grate to the frame side without fuel, load the fuel grate with food, and slide the food grate between the two fuel trays.   Add optional steel curtain sides to the grill to enclose the space between fuel trays like an oven. Order the grill with 3 foot legs instead of 5 foot legs. Add steel curtain sides to hang from the food grate, and cook over the portable fire pit that is created. Add Rotisseries for whole animals. 

This grills consists of:

  •  One Food Grate, 54"X 27"

  •  Two Wood/charcoal fuel grates, 54" X 27"

  •  Rack System with Six 5 foot high legs

Options include:

  •  Three foot legs instead of Five foot legs to make a grill.
  •  Add Steel curtains to shield the fire from wind and retain heat

  •  Add heavy duty or multi spit rotisseries for whole animals or multiple chickens special fire hall chicken grates

This grill assembles and disassembles for easy shipping, storage, and transport. 

Made in the USA

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