Hybrid Grills

Introducing our Hybrid Grills, the all-in-one combination grill that makes barbecuing easy and delicious. Our grills combine the convenience of gas grills with the rich flavor of wood and charcoal grills, meaning you can get the best of both worlds. Our hybrid grills are perfect for BBQ enthusiasts who want to enjoy the delicious flavor of wood and charcoal grills without the hassle and time commitment. With Hybrid Grills, you can get the same great taste without having to choose between convenience and flavor. Grill up a delicious meal for your friends and family, and enjoy the best of both worlds with Hybrid Grills.

Hybrid Grills | Wood-Charcoal-Gas all in one combination Grill

That’s right! BBQ Grills that are like a Chameleon or the Cuttlefish. You not only have the convenience of a Gas BBQ Grill but these grills also use Wood and Charcoal.  

You may ask yourself so what! Why do I need an all in one Hybrid grill? Many debates occur among fellow barbecue enthusiasts over the different types of barbecue methods.  Unlike the Wood Burning Grills and the  Charcoal Grills, a Gas burning BBQ grill is very convenient to use especially when you have a minimal amount of time to BBQ. So you may ask why bother using a Wood or Charcoal burning grill. It's all about the TASTE! Barbecuing your food over a Wood Burning Grill infuses your grilled food with the most delicious flavor. What's BBQ without the flavor? 

Check out our two Hybrid Grills: