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Grilling Tools

Discover Great BBQ Tools at Heritage Backyard! We have tools to make your BBQ experience memorable. Like Extra long BBQ tongs to reach the farthest corners of your grill. Keep your Argentine grill clean with our special designed V-Grate Cleaner. T Rake, L Rake, Ash Shovel, and Poker help you manage hot embers and maintain the right grilling temperature. And don't miss our French Fat Baster called a Flambadou used to drip butter or fat over your food for tasty BBQ meat or vegetables.

At Heritage Backyard, we're proud of our high-quality tools. They'll exceed what you expect. The tools we offer are heavy duty and extra long at 40 inches and count on us for all your BBQ tool needs and make your BBQ perfect.

Check out our BBQ Tools: 

  • Commercial Extra Long BBQ Tongs: For grilling meat. 
  • The following Grilling Tools are made by our shop and are heavy duty steel tools with a 40” length.  
    • Shovel | BBQ Ash Tool: To move embers and clean ash. 
    • V-Grate Cleaner: Keeps Argentine grill grates clean. 
    • Poker | BBQ Ash Tool: Handles hot embers. 
    • T Rake | BBQ Tool: Rakes hot embers under the grill. 
    • L Rake | BBQ Tool: Rakes embers under the grilling surface. 
    • French Fat Baster | Flambadou: Adds flavor to BBQ Meat.
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