BBQ Grilling Surface Maintenance

Protecting your Grill

Now that you have your Wood Fired Grill it is important to protect it the best you can to help maximize the life of your grill. Here are some helpful tips you can do to protect your grill from rust.

  • Always, always, always keep your grill grates greasy when not in use. Greasing your grill with cooking oil or any type of non-toxic grease creates a layer of protection on your steel and prevents it from rusting. Especially in coastal regions*
  • Reduce exposure to the elements with a waterproof cover. Getting a cover for your grill is a great way to ensure better health of you grill.  
  • Purchasing a stainless grill grate at the added cost may not seem so good in the short run but in the long run you might thank yourself that you had.
  • If purchased in stainless never use a metal wire brush to clean off your grates, for they could possibly damage your stainless grate exposing the steel to rust.