Extreme Duty Santa Maria Grill Pit Kit 64" X 48" | A36 or Stainless Steel | Free Shipping*

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Extreme Duty Grill Pit | Santa Maria Style Grill
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Extreme Duty Santa Maria Grill Pit Kit 

The Extreme Duty Grill Pit is a Santa Maria Style Grill Designed to sit out, in the weather, WITHOUT COVERING, this grill will last 15 or more years without any protection from the weather (the grill pictured is 10 years old), and minimal upkeep. This mammoth of a grill is the most heavy duty of the Santa Maria BBQ Grills. A great match for any serious BBQ'er who is passionate about cooking over wood fire.  

In its 64" X 48" configuration, this grill provides a grilling surface of 43" X 30" and is designed to sit on top of 48 customer supplied 8" X 8" X 16" split face cement blocks that have been dry stacked (without mortar) on a level surface. Available in Black Steel or Stainless Steel. 


  • 9" wide X 3/16" formed metal top which sits on top of the cement blocks, holds them in place, and provides a work surface

  • 1/2" stainless steel rods are inserted into holes drilled into the grate frame, allowing each rod to rotate and expand and contract independently, eliminating warping

  • Grill is adjustable over a 40" range of motion for excellent temperature control

  • Grill hoist is 1" solid steel, and equipped with 1" heavy duty flange roller bearings

  • Equipped with a 30" wheel and adjustable stop

  • For Black Steel: All metal, except the grate rods and cable, is painted with flat black 1200 degree paint 

  • Easy installation (ready to use in two hours) with no mortar required

  • Stationary, yet easily taken with you to a new house.

  • Excellent for parks and recreation departments, ranch homes, and outdoor kitchens

  • It is less expensive to put your money into a grill like this which does not require covering than to build a covered outdoor kitchen with grills that cannot stand the weather.

  • Note: *Free Shipping for the Continental US. *Additional shipping charge may be added for NYC. 

  • Made in the USA

  • Each installation requires:

    • 1 Extreme Duty Grill Pit, 64X48

    • 48 customer supplied 8" X 8" X 16" split face cement blocks, 32 are straight blocks, and 16 are end/return blocks

    • 5 cubic feet customer supplied 1/8" pea gravel or sand

    • 1 level site

    • No Mortar Required!

    • Installs and is ready to use in two hours! 


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Outside Depth

Grill Width

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