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Dutch Oven & Grill Cook Set Plus Asado Cross
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Portable Dutch Oven & Grill Cook Set Plus Asado Cross 

Portable Cook Set for wood or charcoal grilling – includes four different length hooks, an adjustable grill and an asado cross.

You will love this portable quad-pod stand which supports a dutch oven and an adjustable grill, with an (Argentine) Asado Cross.

A wonderful cook set to take with you camping or to use in your backyard. It sits over an outdoor fire pit.

The stand consists or 1/2” rolled steel painted with a high temperature resistant black paint.

Legs are 34” in length and fold flat for easy portability.

Four different length hooks to allow adjustment of your dutch oven. (Dutch oven not included.) but does include a hook to lift the dutch oven lid.

Includes an 11”x 16” adjustable grill with two hooks to support the grill, chains that support the grill and allows the grills height to be adjusted. 

The (Argentine) Asado Cross is constructed of 1" X 3/8" X 42" steel for main length and the two included cross members are constructed of 1" X 1/4 X 24" steel.

While cooking, hooks can be placed over a 32” steel rod that is attached to the stand. See pictures

Made in the USA

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