Churrasco Swords | Set of 4

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Churrasco Swords
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A set of 4 Primitive Churrasco Swords with wooden handles and anti-slide hooks is a must-have for any grilling enthusiast. Made in the USA, these swords are designed for use in front of a fire and are perfect for wood or charcoal grilling with our Portable Cook Set. With a length of 48" including an 8" wooden handle, these swords are also great for impressing guests at outdoor gatherings. The anti-slide hooks ensure that they stay firmly in place, making them safe and easy to use. Don't settle for mediocre grilling tools - elevate your cooking game with the Primitive Churrasco Swords.

Churrasco Swords

  • A set of 4 Primitive Churrasco Swords with wooden handles and anti-slide hooks.

  • Place the Churrasco Swords in front of a fire. (See Picture)

  • Use the swords with our Portable Cook Set for Wood or Charcoal Grilling! (See Pictures)

  • Dimensions: 48" long, including an 8" wooden handle.

  • Made in the USA


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