Charcoal Grills with Adjustable Grate Height

Heritage Backyard offers beautiful Charcoal Grills that includes the ability to raise and lower your grilling surface as you grill. Check out all the different styles of charcoal grills. 

Tired of waiting for your charcoal to burn down so that you can place your food on the grill? Tired of having to take your food on and off the grill as your fire flares up as the grease from your meat drips down onto the burning coals? Tired of having to stand and watch your meat cook on the grill so that you can move your food around the grill grate waiting for the flames to burn down enough to move your meat or other BBQ foods around your grill? Well many of our charcoal grills have an adjustable grill grate. Our charcoal grills come in various sizes such as 36" x 20" x 6", 48" x 20" x 6" and 60" x 20" x 6". The Fig, the Olive, and the Avocado grills give you the option of choosing the type of grill grate you want. You can choose from an Expanded Metal Grate, three eighth inch Round Rod Grate, or Argentine Grill Grate. You may be interested in a couple of our portable charcoal grills such as The Lilac that also has an adjustable grill grate but all the components break down to fit nicely inside the firebox. My son has enjoyed taking our Portable Cook Set camping. We also offer our customers the option of having a custom charcoal grill made. Just let us know what you would like.