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Hybrid Grill - Wood | Charcoal | Gas

The Chameleon - Wood | Charcoal | Gas Hybrid Grill

That’s right! A BBQ Grill that is like a Chameleon. You not only have the convenience of a gas BBQ Grill but this grill is also a Wood | Charcoal grill.  

You may ask yourself so what! Why do I need an all in one Hybrid grill? Many debates occur among fellow barbecue enthusiasts over the different types of barbecue methods.  Unlike the Wood | Charcoal Grills, a Gas burning BBQ grill is very convenient to use especially when you have a minimal amount of time to BBQ. So you may ask why bother using a Wood | Charcoal burning grill. It's all about that TASTE! Barbecuing your food over a Wood Burning Grill infuses your grilled food with the most delicious flavor. What's BBQ without the flavor?