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Wood Fired & Charcoal Barbecue Grills by Size

Whether it's a Patagonian style of cooking or some other variation on a wood fire grill it's important to find the right size. Fortunately Heritage Backyard Inc. offers a variety of sizes to enable our customers the ability to build their ideal outdoor kitchen. Our best sellers are our Argentine and Santa Maria grills that are built to fit inside a masonry firebox. These two charcoal wood fired grills are iconic and have a reputation for delivering a great flavor that cripples the very thought of cooking over a store bought grill cooked over propane. Though these two pit barbecues are well known, I recommend looking into a Uruguayan grill. What gives the Uruguayan Grill it's finesse is the look it gives when beautiful coals forged from the brasero, slides under the grill and cooks the meat at a perfect pace.  


Wood Fired Grill custom made with easily adjustable Grill Grate.