Brazilian | Churrasco Grills

Best Seller is our Churrasco Swords. 

Gauchos consider churrasco to be meat on a skewer cooked over an open fire. The cut of beef used sometimes differs depending on your location. Puerto Ricans like to use skirt steak, Argentinians or Uruguayans consider any boneless cut of meat to be churrasco, and Brazilians have a preference for picanha (has been referred to as the king of churrasco). Churrasco is prominent in Latin American countries. Regardless of your meat preference, if you want to add some Latin American flair to your cooking, using churrasco style barbecue grilling tools is the way to go.

Enjoy watching juicy Top Sirloins, Filet Mignon, or other juicy cuts of meats sliced ever so delicately over your plate at a Churrascaria Brazilian Barbecue? These Brazilian style Rotisseries work great for those who want to bring the taste of Brazil from their own kitchen to the table. Brazilian BBQ is a more exotic form of Rotisserie which cooks meats on a sword like skewer. Churrasco Swords are often used at a Brazilian Steakhouse. At Heritage Backyard, we offer a couple different options on how to go about rotisserie Brazilian Style. Our most popular product is the Chef Biggs Churrasco Swords Pkg for Grand Cayman 2016. This package was created for Chef Tony Biggs, Executive Chef at Certified Angus Beef. Chef Biggs created a stunning display at the Grand Cayman 2016 Event. 


Chef Biggs Churrasco Swords Pkg for Grand Cayman 2016 Chef Biggs Churrasco Swords Pkg for Grand Cayman 2016Chef Biggs Churrasco Swords Pkg for Grand Cayman 2016