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Posted by Kalanit Knackstedt on 5th Aug 2020

Labor Day is coming fast. It’s the first Monday in September, and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. The best way to celebrate Labor Day is to gather with your neighbors, friends, and family for some awesome backyard barbecue. It’s a tradition for our family to hold big cookouts to celebrate Labor Day. The end-of-summer barbecue is one of our favorite American pastimes. Socially-Distanced Outdoor barbec… Read more

Posted by Kyle Knackstedt on 21st Feb 2017

Sweetbreads, you either like them or dislike them. My husband and boys love them grilled. My girls and I will let the  boys eat all of them! If you’ve ever been to Argentina or heard of Argentina the first thing that comes to mind might be Argentine Tango, Wine, Steak or one of its iconic national parks. While all these are fascinating and amazing, I would like to discuss about something else that’s deeply rooted within the culture of… Read more

Posted by Kyle Knackstedt on 16th Feb 2017

The differences between Patagonian Argentine BBQ and other Wood Fired Grills.So what's the deal with Patagonian Argentine BBQ and how's it so distinct from other variations of Wood Fired Grills? If you are looking for some clarification you have found the right site. There are many variations of what people classify as Wood Burning Barbecue world wide. In California there is a  claim to fame form of BBQ that is identified as Santa Maria BBQ.… Read more

Posted by Michelle Knackstedt on 31st Oct 2015

Whole Animal BBQ is a custom for some. Especially around the Holidays like Easter. It is a big show stopper for any gathering where food is involved. Pictures from one of our happy customers barbecuing! … Read more

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