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Argentine Masonry BBQ Grill Kit With Side Brasero & Flange

Argentine Masonry BBQ Grill Kit With Side Brasero & Flange

Posted by Michelle Knackstedt on 16th Jun 2023

For wood or charcoal grilling, Heritage Backyard offers custom Argentine masonry BBQ grill kits with side brasero. A slanted V-grate with drip pan eliminates flare-ups and makes grilling safer by draining grease away from the fire. With our adjustable grill grate, you can adjust the height of the grill grate to your preference, and the side wheels make the process even easier.
BBQ grill kits are available in 100% stainless steel or black steel, with either a steel grilling surface or stainless steel grilling surface. Easy installation is made possible by the 4-sided flange that rests on top of your outdoor kitchen countertop. This grill kit also includes a side brasero with a slanted V-grate and a drip pan, allowing grease to drip into the grooves of the V-grate and flow into the drip pan, which you can use to start your next fire.
Our charcoal and wood-burning grills are made in the USA (Texas) and are perfect for creating the smoky flavors of authentic Argentine barbecue. Shipping is free within the continental US, but there is an additional charge for shipping to New York City. You can expect top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship when you choose Heritage Backyard for Argentine masonry BBQ grill kits.

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