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Custom BBQ Grills is our Specialty

Custom BBQ Grills is our Specialty

Posted by Kyle Knackstedt on 9th May 2017

At Heritage Backyard we understand that you want your outdoor kitchen your way. That is why we offer custom made grills that fit into your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen.

Wondering just how big our Argentine Grills are? In regards to our three iconic US Made Grills the 36" Baby Bear, the 48" Mama Bear, and the 60" Papa Bear, we now offer many other standard sizes and style of BBQ Grills. Heritage Backyard is committed to finding the right Wood Fired Grill that fits just right for each customer. 

Custom BBQ Grills & Wood Fired BBQ

This Gaucho Grill here is what we call the Mama Bear which is our middle size Wood Fired Grill. A brasero is located in the back and is used to create embers which is the traditional way of cooking in the pampas region of South America. The embers gives you a low and slow Grilling effect allowing you to kick back with a Glass of Malbec or your favorite beverage while your meat sizzles to perfection. 

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