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Argentina’s World Famous Asados
Asado is more than barbeque, to heritage backyard and many Argentians in Latin America, it is a cultural way of life. Historically, large herds of cattle would roam around the pampa region of Argentina. The pampa region is an area in South America with fertile soil. The Río de la Plata populace and gauchos are enamoured and passionate about beef, specifically, asado which is a traditional and minimalistic form of roasting beef. Gauchos are traveling horsemen, similar to what Americans would call cowboys. The Gauchos’ method of roasting beef was to place it very near to a slow-burning fire on a skewered metal structure, referred to as an ‘asador’. Patagonian Crosses were designed to roast specific cuts of the animal like prime rib and even roast the animal whole itself over hot embers. Two approaches to Asado cooking are Patagonian Crosses ( or the use of an Asado Grill with an Ember maker (


Featured below is one our new products called the Flammlach Grill. The Flammlach Grill is specialy designed for grilling fish. The pictures below show salmon being cooked on multiple Flammlach Grills.