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Argentine BBQ Grills & BBQ Grill Kits

Wood or Charcoal Burning Argentine Grills | Argentine Grill Kits | Custom Argentine Grills.
What is an Argentine Grill? Argentine Grills are designed with a sloped v-grate and drip pan. The sloped v-grate allows the fat to drip off the meat, roll down the v-grate and collects into the drip pan. For those Argentine Grills that have the adjustable grill grate, you will be able to with ease adjust the height of the grilling surface. No longer will you experience the frustration of burning your meat. Our Argentine Grills and Custom Argentine Grills are available in different colors and sizes. A Stainless Steel option is also available. Our Argentine Grills are made in the USA and are designed by a BS/MS Mechanical Engineer.
Argentine Grills for wood or charcoal grilling. 



Argentine Grill Kits perfect for outdoor kitchen.