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What is an Argentine Grill? Argentine Grills are designed with a sloped v-grate and drip pan. The sloped v-grate allows the fat to drip off the meat, roll down the v-grate and collects into the drip pan. For those Argentine Grills that have the adjustable grill grate, you are able to adjust the height of the grilling surface. No longer will you experience the frustration of burning your meat.

You will notice that many of our Argentine Grills come with either a side brasero or a rear brasero. What is a Brasero? A Brasero is a  fire-basket which is meant to give you an ongoing source of hot embers for cooking. The Brasero is meant to help prevent smoke from impacting the taste of your food. We do offer under our Grilling Tools & Meat Hooks Category, The Stand Alone Brasero, & an Ember Making Brasero & Box if you decide to have the brasero separate from your Argentine Grill. Is it necessary to have a Brasero? No, it is not necessary to have a Brasero nor do you need to use the Brasero all the time if you do have a brasero attached to your grill. Our grates are adjustable so you can raise the grate and place your wood or charcoal directly under the grate. This saves time if you are in a hurry since you can raise the grate up and begin grilling before you have embers. However, if you want to bbq the Argentine way and you have time, use the brasero and move the embers under the grate. 

Our Argentine Grills are available in Stainless Steel or Black Steel. Argentine Grills for wood or charcoal grilling. Made in the USA 


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