Argentine BBQ Grill Kits

Custom Made Argentine Barbecue Grill Kits for your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen.  

Our Custom made Argentine Barbecue Grill Kits are perfect for your custom outdoor Masonry kitchen. The Grill Kits do not come with a firebox but are placed into your Masonry firebox. These BBQ Grill Kits are for Wood or Charcoal Grilling. They come with a Stainless Steel Adjustable V-Grate that includes a Drip Pan so that the grease flows down the V-Grate into the Drip Pan allowing for fewer flare-ups. A Side Wheel allows you to adjust the grate up or down. Our BBQ Grills are made of either Black Steel or Stainless Steel. 

Made in the USA

Note: We offer our Military Veterans a 10% Discount Year Round.