Adjustable Grate Armado with Brasero 27X23X30

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Adjustable Grate Armado with Brasero
125.00 LBS
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Adjustable Grate Armado with Brasero 27X23X30

This BBQ Grill gets it's name from it's Spanish speaking Uruguayan origins and it's direct translation meaning Armed Grill. Our portable wood burning grill is great for those who desire the ability to transport their BBQ where they please.  In addition to portability another great feature is the Brasero. A Brasero works similar as a Charcoal Chimney Starter would, only instead of using Charcoal, Wood comes into play as the fuel for the fire. The result of this is that it will produce beautiful embers that are easy to control.    


  • Grill 23"X18"
  • Grddle (plancha) 23"x18"
  • Firebox 27"x23"
  • Brasero
  • Ember Rake

 Our Armado grill with Brasero is very portable since the legs are removable. 

Made in the USA