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American Manufacturer Located in Texas

Heritage Backyard manufactures & sells a variety of custom made barbecue grills handcrafted and made in America. Our grills are available in black steel or stainless steel. 

We offer many different types of barbecue grills. 

  • Argentine Grills
  • Asado Grills
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Churrasco Grills
  • Parillas
  • Patagonian Cross Grills
  • Pit Grills
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Santa Maria Grills
  • Uruguayan Grills
  • Wood Fired BBQ Grills
  • Wood Fired Smokers

Heritage Backyard Inc. is a Family operated business that manufactures exotic styles of Wood Burning | Charcoal Grills. Our mission is to supply our residential customers with the necessary products needed to make exceptional flavored Barbecue and Asado in the comfort of their own home. Our company was first inspired by our obsession with making home cooked meals and our love for authentic slow cooked BBQ. With years of experience behind our products we aim to supply you with the kind of quality you are after. We understand that good BBQ isn’t something that ignites under propane and cooks in just 15 minutes, rather the best tasting food takes a little more love but pays off in the end.

Our other Family operated business is NorCal Ovenworks Inc. which takes care of our Commercial & Custom Residential Customers. Yes we custom design NSF Certified Commercial Grills for Restaurants and design and manufacture custom residential grills.