54" Uruguayan Grill Kit with Side Brasero | A36 or Stainless Steel

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54" Uruguayan Grill Kit with Side Brasero
115.00 LBS
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Uruguayan Grill Kit Custom Manufactured in Texas 

These beautiful Custom made in the USA Uruguayan Grill Kits are 54x27 and come with a Side Brasero. They are available in All Stainless Steel or Black Steel with a Stainless Steel Round Rod Grilling Surface. Specially made for Wood or Charcoal Grilling. Free Shipping*

What is a Uruguayan Grill |Parrilla? It is a grill that includes a Brasero where you burn your wood down to hot coals. The embers fall below the Brasero where you then push the hot embers beneath the grill grate.  The adjustable grill Angle allows you to have different grilling temperatures across your grill grate. We love using the Uruguayan Grill. We tend to place the vegetables on the higher end of the grill grate and the meat on the lower end. This grill makes tasty grilled vegetables!

Fits any masonry firebox having dimensions larger than 54 X 27.5, or sets on firebricks on the ground or on a table.

  • The Manzanita is our 54" Black Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit with Side Brasero. No warp 3/8" round rod grill grate.

  • The Sage is our 54" Stainless Steel Uruguayan Grill Kit with Side Brasero. No warp 3/8" stainless round rod grill grate.

  • Brasero to burn firewood to embers for raking under the grill grate

  • The Uruguayan Grill is possibly more common than the Argentine grill in Argentina, especially in the countryside.

  • Made in the USA (Texas)

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