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54" - 59" Barbecue Grills, Inserts, and Kits

Have I mentioned how delicious Santa Maria BBQ tastes? In Fact California is known for all it's great Santa Maria BBQ! Jocko's Steak House in Nipomo, CA has the best Santa Maria BBQ. With our Santa Maria BBQ Grills, Santa Maria BBQ Inserts | Counter Drop In Grills, and our Santa Maria BBQ Kits you too can experience the pleasures of a Santa Maria Cookout.  The adjustable Round Rod Grate allows you to achieve the optimal temperature for searing your meat.  

Our Argentine Grills, Argentine Grill Inserts | Counter Drop In Grills, and the Argentine Grill Kits is my favorite grill to use when barbecuing chicken or any other meat that has a lot of fat. The V-Grate with Drip Pan allows the grease to drip down the V-Grate into the drip pan and away from the fire. This limits the amount of flare ups. The Brasero is a nice addition in that the brasero is where you burn the firewood and the embers are pushed under the V-Grate allowing for a nice even temperature on your grilled meats and grilled Vegetables. 

Our Uruguayan BBQ Grills and Uruguayan BBQ Grill Kits also have a brasero. The Uruguayan Grill is an excellent grill to have if you are cooking foods that require two different temperatures. The Uruguayan Grills have a grill grate that can be adjusted to lay flat or the grill grate can be adjusted at an angle to allow for different temperatures along the grilling surface.

If you have a need to barbecue a long time, using a brasero where you can continue to add logs to burn down to embers keeping a nice flow of embers under your grilling surface, I would recommend buying one of our grills with a Brasero. We also offer a few Stand alone Brasero's.