45" Uruguayan Grill with Side Brasero Plus Cart | A36 or Stainless Steel

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45" Uruguayan Grill with Side Brasero
200.00 LBS
$600.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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Manufactured in Texas these 45" Uruguayan Grills come with a Cart.

These Uruguayan Grills have a 45 x 23 x 6 Firebox, a Side Brasero, Plus a Cart with four Casters for easy portability. They are available in All Stainless Steel or Black Steel. Made for Wood or Charcoal Grilling. 

What is a Uruguayan Grill |Parrilla? It is a grill that includes a Brasero where you burn your wood down to hot coals. The embers fall below the Brasero where you then push the hot embers beneath the grill grate. The adjustable grill Angle allows you to have different grilling temperatures across your grill grate. We love using the Uruguayan Grill. We tend to place the vegetables on the higher end of the grill grate and the meat on the lower end. This grill makes tasty grilled vegetables!

Cooking surface can be adjusted to lay flat, or it can be adjusted at an angle to allow for multiple temperatures on the grill

  • The Mulberry is our Black Steel Grill, Side Brasero, and a Cart with Casters

  • The Parsley is our All Stainless Steel Grill that comes with a Side Brasero and a Stainless Steel Cart with Casters

  • Adjustable grill angle 

  • Side Brasero

  • Grill box is 45 x 23 X 6 inches

  • Charcoal or Wood Burning

  • Grill sits on cart with casters 

  • Shipped without Fire Bricks | Customer will need to purchase fire bricks from local brick maker 

  • Use standard firebricks having dimensions of 9" X 4.5" X 1.25"

Your business is appreciated. 

Thank you 

Questions asked by Customers. 

 1.) Question: What are the dimensions of the Grate?

                       Answer: The Grate is about 33" x 20" 

2.) Question: What are the dimensions of the Side Brasero?

                       Answer: The Brasero is about 12" x 20" 

3.) Do you ship to California?

                       Answer: We ship anywhere with in the Continental US.  

4.) Do you ship to Canada?

                      Answer: Yes we ship to Canada. We add a little extra for shipping but it's not that much extra.